Introduction of Zhejiang Hammer Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. Open Innovation and Entrepreneurship Platform


Platform Name: Hammer Air Conditioning Equipment Innovation and Entrepreneurship Platform

Administration: Office

Purpose: The platform will provide entrepreneurial services for teams and individuals with manufacturing technology innovation projects with the purpose of sharing resources and reducing entrepreneurial costs. At the same time, it will mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the company's scientific and technological personnel, and create a good atmosphere for technological innovation. To develop new products, new processes and new technologies, improve the company's core competitiveness, achieve the company's sustainable development, and promote the number and level of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Content: Hammer Air Conditioning Equipment Innovation and Entrepreneurship Platform mobilizes each employee's innovation and entrepreneurial awareness, gathers each employee's wisdom and social creativity, develops new products and technologies, promotes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and enables enterprises to develop continuously. The science and technology resources such as large-scale scientific testing instruments and scientific data will be opened to entrepreneurs and enterprises free of charge. At the same time, we welcome foreigners to conduct technical discussions with the company, to connect internal industrial resources with external intellectual resources, to better realize the commercialization of technology and achieve the goal of achieving win-win progress. If you have any technical or other questions, you can send relevant information or information to our company's corporate email address, and we will promptly give you feedback after receiving the email. Please be aware of any delays.

Contact: Company Tel: 0575-82116888

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