Card type four outlet fan coil unit - card series

Card type four outlet fan coil unit - card series

The body is light and thin, and its main body is only 290mm thick. It is installed in the ceiling and does not occupy the indoor space at all. Can be widely used in shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals and other places. The ultra-small volume design saves you valuable space. In addition, it has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, and easy installation and maintenance. It is the ideal product for your choice.

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Product Details

There are nine specifications in the product, the air volume: 340-2380m3 / h.

KM4 1
V 2
08 3
R 4
G 5
EH20 6
CV2 7

1, KM4: card type four outlet fan coil unit

2, V: 2 pipes P: 4 pipes

3, model wind boy 8*170=1360 m3/h

4, R: with remote control (standard) W: with line controller: T: with terminal block

5, G: with group control function u.: with MODBUS function

6, EH2O: with 2KW electric heating

7, CV2: cold coil tube factory installed 2 way valve assembly CV3: cold coil with factory installed 3 way valve assembly

HV2: Hot coil with factory installed 2-way valve assembly HV3: Hot coil with factory installed 3-way valve assembly

8, EDP: with external water tray

Example of model representation: KM4VO8 represents a 2 regulated embedded fan coil unit with a nominal air volume of 1360 m3/h.

KM4 series embedded four-air blower coil unit is mainly used in central air-conditioning system. It can continuously or intermittently deliver air with a certain temperature difference to maintain the room's heat and moisture balance and temperature and humidity requirements.


1. Multi-directional airflow to make the temperature of the application site more uniform.

2. Remote control (optional for remote control). Flexible control method.

3. Automatic swinging, the four wind guide blades respectively have a stepping motor to control the swing wind, which is more reliable than the control through the linkage structure.

4. It adopts large-diameter vortex centrifugal fan, ultra-quiet operation, environmental protection and energy-saving large dip angle three-dimensional spiral blade, and the bearing used in the motor is rolling bearing. The motor shaft is made of quenched and tempered steel, and the surface is treated with special anti-rust treatment. It is durable, energy-efficient, ultra-quiet, and has good sound absorption and EPS foaming. It further reduces noise.

5. Intelligent high-lift condensate lifting pump can make the water level drop up to 750 mm, which is extremely convenient for drain pipe arrangement, eliminating the need for condensate discharge.

6. Water level switch protection. Eliminate water leakage

7. Introduce fresh air from the outside to improve indoor air quality

8. Convenient structural design, easy maintenance, removal of the style grille, maintenance of electronic control, removal of the air guide ring, maintenance or replacement of the wind wheel and motor.

9. Exquisite structure, sturdy and durable centrifugal fan, ultra-quiet operation; this series of fan coils are filled with galvanized sheet machine; the condensate tray is integrally formed by blistering process, without weld seams and solder joints, eliminating the need for welding water trays to leak The shortcoming of water; the EPS material is foamed and bonded to the water tray; the structure of the body is exquisite. Lightweight design: A large number of non-metallic materials, light and thin body, installed on the ceiling. Both beautiful and safe.

10. High performance, high efficiency, monolithic "C" shaped heat exchanger design, high density without gaps, uniform internal airflow temperature. Avoid the local air supply temperature difference caused by the uneven mixing of the internal airflow caused by the two-fold exchanger. The heat exchanger adopts high-quality 9.52mm copper tube and high-efficiency hydrophilic coated aluminum fins, as well as advanced tube expansion process to make the copper tube and aluminum foil reach the best contact; and with the strongest wind noise fan to enhance heat transfer, so that The unit is able to achieve the best heat transfer efficiency. The water collecting head is forged by brass, which makes the water flow evenly distributed and reduces the head loss, further improving the overall heat transfer effect of the coil. The fan cooperates with the newly designed air guiding ring to better ensure the heat exchange efficiency, the overall performance of the unit is increased by 15%, and the cooling (heating) effect is more outstanding.

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