Horizontal concealed fan coil unit- Kangda series

Horizontal concealed fan coil unit- Kangda series

Fan coil unit is mainly suitable for the comfort central air conditioning system. It mainly uses the forced action of the fan and the function of the air cooler to continuously or intermittently deliver air with a certain temperature difference to the room to maintain the heat and humidity balance and temperature of the room. It can be widely used in offices and hotels, hospitals, restaurants, factories, clubs, exhibition halls, shopping malls and other multi-room or large space industrial and civil buildings for air conditioning. The compact size design saves you valuable installation space. In addition, it has the advantages of low power consumption, high efficiency, low noise, easy installation and maintenance, and is your ideal product choice.

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Product Details

There are nine specifications in the product. Air volume: 340-2400m^3/h.

V 2
34 3
C2 4
L 5
50 6
R 7
F 8
D25 9
EH20 10
CV2 11
F60 12

1.WAE: Horizontal concealed brushless DC

2.V: 2 pipes P: 4 pipes

3.34: Model air volume 34*10m^3/h

4.C2: 2 calandria C3: 3 calandria C4: 4 calandria

5.L: left R: right

6.ESP (external static pressure): 12: 12Pa 30: 3OPa 50: 5OPa 60: 60Pa

7.R: Back wind B: bottom wind

8.F: filter Default: no filter

9.D25: drain pan length:250mm

10.EH2O: with 2KW electric heating

11.CV2: Cold coil pipe factory installed 2-way valve assembly CV3: Cold coil pipe factory installed 3-way valve assembly.

HV2: Hot coil with factory installed 2-way valve assembly HV3: Hot coil with factory soft 3-way valve assembly

12.F60: 60Hz Default: 50Hz

Model example:

WAEV136C3L30R represents a 3 row with 2 pipes and brushless DC horizontal concealed fan coil unit with a nominal air volume of 1360 m^3/h. The water pipe is left connected. The external static pressure is 30 Pa with return air box.



Exquisite structure, sturdy and durable:

The fan coil unit of this series adopts galvanized plate casing; the condensate drain pan is integrally formed by molding process, without weld seams and solder joints, which eliminates the shortcomings of easy water leakage of the welding drain pan; the thermal insulation material conforming to the fireproof specification is integrally bonded to the drain pan, and the body structure is exquisite.

High performance and high efficiency:

The brushless DC motor has no excitation winding and brush of the single-phase AC motor, which eliminates the friction loss and electric power consumption of the AC motor. The motor generates less heat and the motor efficiency can reach 80% or more. Especially at low and medium speeds, the energy saving effect of single-phase AC motors is more significant.

The unit's air volume can be steplessly regulated within the range of 15% to 100%, achieving the best match between the unit energy and the actual load in the room, and is characterized by high efficiency and energy saving.

Comfortable and stable

The brushless DC machine runs at the actual required speed, the indoor temperature is constant, and its control accuracy reaches 0.5 °C, making people feel more comfortable.

Low noise

The brushless DC motor has no electromagnetic interference to ensure low noise operation of the unit. No electromagnetic noise: Brushless DC uses electronic commutation instead of mechanical commutation, eliminating brush and electricity

Machine friction, avoiding electromagnetic interference and noise generated in mechanical commutation, and running quietly. The noise is 1--3dB (A) lower than AC motors. It supports low speed operation and lower noise at part load.

Intelligent control

Achieve master-slave control A single line controller can control up to 16 units. Equipped with RS485 communication interface, it can be connected to the building automation system to achieve remote control. PID proportional integral constant temperature control technology is adopted.

A variety of control mode options: cooling, heating, dehumidification, ventilation, automatic, sleep, time switch and other operating modes.

Strong interchangeability

The EC control board can also be used with a three-speed switch or a three-speed thermostat type control board to achieve the same control mode as the AC motor.

High flexibility and low installation costs:

The body design is light, the drain pipe and the line are easy to install, and the return air direction can be changed to match the site conditions.

Flexible and convenient to choose (optional):

Configurable electric heating function;

It can be equipped with high static pressure fan, suitable for installation with air ducts;

It can be configured with a return air box (lower return air, rear return air) for easy connection of air ducts;

Configurable return air box fresh air outlet;

Configurable detachable air filter;

It can be equipped with a long drain pan, which is better for leaking and condensing water from the valve;

Stainless steel condensate pan (standard, extended - 250mm).

Structural features:

Coil unit: ultra efficient heat transfer

The high-quality medium-sized 9.52mm copper tube and the louver-type sinusoidal waveform hydrophilic aluminum heat-dissipating fins are used to tightly bond the copper tube and the aluminum sheet through the expansion tube. The water collecting head is made of brass forging, and the water flow is evenly distributed, which can exert the ideal overall heat transfer effect.

The unit: beautiful appearance and solid structure

The frame is formed by using a first-grade galvanized steel sheet through a mold, and the structure is firm and not easily deformed.

Drain pan: no leakage

The high-grade steel plate mold is used for one-time stamping forming process, and the surface is treated by hot dip-coating; 7mmPE heat insulation is integrally bonded to the drain pan; not only is the processing simple, the appearance is beautiful, and the phenomenon that the welding drain pan is easy to drip is eliminated, Extends the life of the drain pan.

Motor: high efficiency, low power consumption

It adopts permanent magnet brushless DC motor with high efficiency and low noise, which can realize stepless speed regulation.

Fan: quiet operation

The wind wheel is a high-efficiency, low-noise, multi-wing centrifugal blade, which is made of galvanized sheet and has high dynamic balance. Pittsburgh-style meshing is used between the wind shell main board and the side panels.


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