Flexible and convenient to choose (optional):

Flexible and convenient to choose (optional):

WA series high static pressure type mounted fan coil unit adopts the latest design, and can be applied to ceiling type at the same time. The unit adopts large diameter wind wheel, high power and low noise motor to ensure that the air supply is far away, and it is the workshop and buildings. The best choice for the workshop and .

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Product Details

There are nine specifications for the product, although the wind is 680-4590mm^3/h

WA 1
V 2
68H 3
C3 4
L 5
F 6
EH20 8
CV2 9
RB 10

1.WA: horizontal concealed

2.V: 2 pipes P: 4 pipes

3.68-H: High residual pressure model Air volume 68.10mm^3/h

4.C3: 3 calandria C4: 4 calandria

5.L: left R: right

6.F: filter Default: no filter

7.EDP: external drain pan

8.EH2O: 2KW electric heating

9.CV2: Cold coil pipe factory installed 2-way valve assembly CV3: Cold coil pipe factory installed 3-way valve assembly

HV2: Hot coil with factory installed 2-way valve assembly HV3: Hot coil with factory installed 3-way valve assembly

10.RB: relay board Default: without relay board


Model example:

The WAV136HC3LF fading shows a 3 row with 2 pipes and high residual pressure fan coil unit with a nominal air volume of 1360 mm^3/h. The water pipe is left connected with a strainer.


Nice appearance:

This series of fan coil unit adopts the latest surface-mounted model design, and the steel plate is molded into a shape to match the internal insulation sound-absorbing material, and the appearance is beautiful and simple.

High efficiency:

The fan coil heat transfer adopts high-quality 9.52mm copper tube and high-efficiency hydrophilic coated aluminum fins, as well as advanced expansion tube technology to make the best contact between copper tube and aluminum foil: it is strengthened with large air volume and low noise fan. Heat transfer allows the unit to achieve optimum heat transfer efficiency.

Low noise:

The internal design of the unit is optimized, and the wind speed on the coil surface of the unit is greatly reduced. The internal resistance of the unit is low and the noise is low.

High flexibility:

The body can be equipped with a platform for a variety of installation methods, and the unit can be controlled using a three-speed switch or thermostat.

Easy installation and maintenance:

The unit casing can be easily removed.

Structural features:

The unit: The panel is molded by color steel plate or galvanized steel plate.

Coil: It adopts high-quality 9.52mm copper tube and louver-type hydrophilic aluminum heat-dissipating fins, and the copper tube is tightly combined with the aluminum sheet through the expansion tube. The water collecting head is made of brass forging, and the water flow is evenly distributed, which can exert the ideal overall heat transfer effect. The improvement of the coil has greatly reduced the wind speed on the coil surface, which can effectively reduce the internal resistance of the unit.

Fan: The wind wheel is a high-efficiency, low-noise multi-turn centrifugal fan blade. It is made of galvanized sheet and has high dynamic balance. The full range uses large diameter wind wheels. Effectively reduce the speed of the machine and reduce the noise of the unit.

Motor: It adopts permanent low sound absorption capacitor motor, fully enclosed rolling bearing, no need to add lubricating oil. The base is insulated by a rubber shock pad to reduce running noise.

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