Hanging air handing unit-element series

Hanging air handing unit-element series

Facing the inlet side of the coil (the wind is blowing from the back), the coil inlet and outlet pipes are located on the left side as the left joint pipe. The coil inlet and outlet pipe inspection door is located on the right side of the right connection pipe, and on the left side is the left connection pipe. The unit above is the right take-up.

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Product Details

Unit features:

Beautiful appearance, excellent structure, good thermal insulation and strength performance frame structure.

The frame structure is designed without the concept of a cold bridge.

The internal surface of the unit is smooth and smooth, and it is not easy to accumulate dust. It is suitable for use in purification systems.

The unit adopts modular design, the size module is 100mm, and the unit size is increased or decreased by multiples of 100mm.


The panel is double structure with a sandwich structure and a special aluminum profile around the panel for excellent thermal insulation and excellent panel strength.

The inside of the panel is made of polyurethane foam, and the foaming density is 48kg/m3, which can effectively prevent the cold volume from being transmitted.

The standard panel is made of inner and outer double-layer steel plates, and stainless steel plates and other materials can be used according to requirements.

The thickness of the panel is available in 25mm or 50mm.

Excellent sealing and extremely low air leakage rate


The skeleton and the panel are double-sealed, and the sealing material is made of rubber, which has good elasticity and anti-aging properties.

The sealing rubber is hollow and has positive and negative pressure follow-up. It has self-pressing function regardless of positive pressure and negative pressure.

The panel is fixed to the frame by screws with a special aluminum alloy pressure plate, which is firm and reliable.

The air leakage rate of the unit cabinet is less than 1% under 1000Pa standard working conditions.

Heat transfer

The heat transfer coil is made of seamless copper tube and aluminum fin, which are tightly combined by the expansion tube.

The coil standard is available in 2 to 12 rows, and the aluminum fin standard is 2.5mm. Other sheet sizes are also available.

The selection calculation program can optimize the parameters such as the number of rows of coils, the length of the coil, and the number of circuits under the required working conditions to ensure that the actual use requirements are met.

The unique coil tube design ensures thorough drainage and minimizes coil collapse.

Drain pan

There is a condensate drain pan under the cold coil of the watch, and the dry V-shaped design has a drainage slope to ensure the smooth discharge of the condensed water. The outside is coated with heat to prevent condensation from forming.

Smooth operation and low noise


The fan is made of domestic or international famous brand products.

It adopts DOW double inlet air, double wide distance high efficiency and low noise centrifugal fan.

Fan bearings use brand-name products. They are self-aligning and self-locking. The wind motor balance accuracy reaches G4.0, which greatly extends the service life of the bearing.

The fan selection software can select high-efficiency fans according to the actual operating conditions to ensure that the fans operate under the energy-efficient "conditions".

Fan drive

The standard uses V-belt drive structure, and uses the Taper Lock bushing pulley and the imported narrow V-belt. The narrow V-belt wide slope structure makes it have higher transmission efficiency and service life.


Choose well-known brand three-phase squirrel cage AC induction motor, I P54 protection grade, Class F insulation. The motor standard is placed inside the fan section and is mounted on the damping bracket together with the fan. The motor is equipped with an adjustment device to adjust the tightness of the belt.

Easy to install and transport

Unit section lifting, installation

The base of the unit section is provided with a fork and a hanging hole, which can be handled flexibly on site.

The unit sections can be transported in sections, and the extra-large unit sections can be shipped in pieces and assembled on site.

The modular design makes the cabinet parts interchangeable and easy to assemble on site.

The connection of the unit section is flat and the site connection is convenient.

The bottom of the unit section is equipped with mounting holes to fix the unit to the foundation.

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