Combined air handing unit--Chinese series

Combined air handing unit--Chinese series

The skeleton and the panel are double-sealed, and the sealing material is made of rubber material and polyacrylic acid foamed material, which has good elasticity and anti-aging properties.

The sealing rubber is hollow and has positive and negative pressure. It has self-pressing function regardless of positive pressure or negative pressure.

The panel is fixed to the frame by bolts with special aluminum alloy pressure plates, which is firm and reliable.

The air leakage rate of the unit cabinet is less than 1% under 1000Pa standard working conditions.




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Product Details

The frame structure adopts the concept design of non-cold bridge, which is difficult to produce condensation water.

The insulation performance of the unit can meet the requirements specified in EN 1886 T2/TB2 standard.

The internal surface of the unit is smooth and smooth, and there is no bump caused by the structure around the bottom

The frame and panel are designed with double seals, and the inner seal rubber is hollow. It has the following function of positive and negative pressure.

The panel is bolted to the frame and is firm and reliable.

To prevent the surface of the galvanized panel from being corroded by wet air, the edge of the galvanized panel is bent and placed inside the frame.

The unit section adopts external design to avoid adding unnecessary bumps and cleaning dead Angle inside the unit.

Operating temperature range: - 40 ~ 90 ℃

Fire rating: grade B of flame retardant of polyurethane panel and grade A of flame retardant of rock wool panel.


Double structure just like sandwich, special aluminum profiles around the panel, and excellent thermal insulation.

The inner panel is strengthened by bending to make the panel extremely strong.

The foaming material with a certain flame retardancy has a foaming density of 48 kg/m3, which can effectively prevent the cooling amount from being transmitted.

The standard matching is the outer color steel plate, the inner layer is galvanized steel plate, and the edge cutting edge of the galvanized steel plate is not in contact with the air flow to prevent the rust from being cut. The stainless steel plate material can also be selected according to requirements.

The thickness is 50mm

Operating temperature range -40 to 90 ° C

Rock wool panel

Double structure just like sandwich, inner and outer panels are bent and sprayed, and the panel looks beautiful

Durable: Inorganic FRP material has special properties, the surface is strong, and the bearing capacity is up to 350 kg.

Excellent resistance to wind and impact; high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, etc.;

Technical problems such as frosting, the service life can reach more than 30 years.

It should have a high sound absorption coefficient.

Excellent fire resistance.

Condensate pan:

Dry design. No water.

The drain pan has a drainage gradient, and the condensate flows to the drain.

Stainless steel. The bottom is covered with insulation.


Select Plug fan direct drive without volute fan

Wind wheel material: cold-rolled steel plate coating, anti-corrosion

Connection method: The fan and motor are fixed on the same bracket and use rubber or spring shock absorption.

Drive: direct drive, fan impeller mounted directly on the motor shaft.

Motor: Fully enclosed air cooled cooling variable frequency motor.

Advantages: avoid belt wear and bring extra dust.


The filter material meets VDI 6022 technical requirements

Closed-hole sealing material, no moisture.

The filter are easy removal and installation.

The filter section can be equipped with differential pressure gauge or differential pressure switch for filter resistance detection.

Optional heating device or preheating device to heat the filter section to meet the requirements of high humidity.

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